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Division of Computational Physics (DCP) was formed in 2016 as a research unit of the Institute for Computational Science (INCOS) of Ton Duc Thang University (TDTU). Computational Physics is a quick developing branch of morden science, it holds crucial role in research and technical applications thanks to its combination of theoretical physics, experimental physics and the power of nowadays computers.

Mission and vision

The mission of DCP is to catch up with the world's development tendency in the field of applied science. Our aim is to develop the wide range of research directions and strong human source in the field of computational physics with the goal of serving daily life, transferring technology, and enhancing international publications of TDTU in famous journals indexed by ISI Web of Knowledge.

Research Topics

  • Numerical methods: numerical methods and simulation techniques for multi-scale physics problems from micro-scale to macro-scale.


  • New and artificial materials: negative index materials, novel materials for applications of energy collection, storage and conversion.


  • Micro-technology and nano-technology microfluidic, carbon nanotube-based and graphene-based devices for composites and sensor application.


  • Optical communication and sensor: antenna for THz wireless communication and optical sensors.

Current Members

Current Members

Head of Division of Computational Physics

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Full-time researcher of Division of Computational Physics

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Full-time researcher of Division of Computational Physics

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Full-time researcher of Division of Computational Physics

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