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MSc. Dang Phuc Toan

Full-time researcher of Division of Computational Physics

H-Index (Scopus): 2; Citation (Scopus): > 11



  • Bachelor of Physics, An giang University, Vietnam, 08/2012
  • Master of Theoretical and Mathematical Physics, Can Tho University, Vietnam, 08/2016


  • From 08/2016 to present: Full-time researcher of  Institute for Computational Science (INCOS) - Ton Duc Thang University, HCMC, Vietnam.


  • Nanoplasmonic and nanophotonic enhancement of thin-film solar cells.
  • Optical and acoustic metamaterials.


[1] Engineered metallic nanostructures for plasmonic enhancement of optical biological detection sensitivity and molecular fluorescence (member, No.103.03-2017.32), National Foundation for Science and Technology Development (NAFOSTED), from 04/2017 to 04/2019 (on going).


  • Journals: 

[5]. Phuc Toan Dang, Tan Thi Pham, Khai Quang Le, and Truong Khang Nguyen*, Epsilon-near-zero enhanced plasmonic Brewster transmission through subwavelength tapered metallic gratings, Journal of the Korean Physical Society, 72(1): 38-44, (2018) (SCI)

[4]. Phuc Toan Dang, Truong Khang Nguyen, Khai Q.Le, Revisited design optimization of metallic gratings for plasmonic light- trapping enhancement in thin organic solar cells, Optics communications, 382(1): 241-245, (2017) (SCI)

[3]. TK Nguyen, PT Dang, I Park, KQ Le, Broadband THz radiation through tapered semiconductor gratings on high-index substrate, JOSA B, 34(3): 583-589 (2017) (SCI)

[2]. TK Nguyen, TD Le, PT Dang, KQ Le, Asymmetrically engineered metallic nanodisk clusters for plasmonic Fano resonance generation, JOSA B, 34(3): 668-672 (2017) (SCI)

[1]. Truong Khang Nguyen, Phuc Toan Dang, Khai Q Le, Numerical design of thin perovskite solar cell with fiber array-based anti-reflection front electrode for light-trapping enhancement, Journal of Optics, 18(12): 125901 (2016) (SCIE)

  • Conferences: 

[1]. Dang Phuc Toan, Ngo Hai Dang, Nguyen Van Khoe and Khai Q. Le, Improved optical transmission through tapered metallic gratings at the plasmonic Brewster channel, International Workshop on Nonlinear Optics and Novel Materials, Vietnam, 28, November, 2015.