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PhD candidate. Dang Trung Hau


Full-time researchers of Division of Computational Mathematics and Engineering




  • Bachelor of Mathematics and Computer Science, 09/2013. University of Science – Vietnam National University – HCMC. 
  • Master in Mechanical Engineering, 07/2017. Feng Chia University – Taiwan.


  • From 11/2013: Assistant Researches – Institute for Computational Sciences, Ton Duc Thang University, Vietnam
  • From 9/2017 to now: PhD fellow – Department of mathematics – University of Bergen - Norway


  • Numerical methods
  • Fracture mechanics


  • Development of numerical methods for computation, optimization and reliability analysis some problems in multiple physical environments (member, No. 107.99-2014.11), National Foundation for Science and Technology Development (NAFOSTED), from 3/2015 to 2/2017 (Completed).


[8]. PQ Hoa, PT Dat, DT Hau, NV Ha, NM Hung, NT Trung, Static and free vibration analyses of laminated composite shells by cell-based smoothed discrete shear gap method (CS-DSG3) using three-node triangular elements, Vietnam Journal of Mechanics, 40(1), 89-103, (2018)

[7]. T Nguyen-Thoi, T Rabczuk, V Ho-Huu, L Le-Anh, H Dang-Trung, T Vo-Duy, An extended cell-based smoothed three-node mindlin plate element (XCS-MIN3) for free vibration analysis of cracked FGM plates, International Journal of Computational Methods, 14(2): 1750011, (2017) (SCIE)

[6]. T Banh-Thien, H Dang-Trung, L Le-Anh, V Ho-Huu, T Nguyen-Thoi, Buckling analysis of non-uniform thickness nanoplates in an elastic medium using the isogeometric analysis, Composite Structures, 162: 182-193, (2017) (SCIE)

[5]. H Dang-Trung, H Luong-Van, T Nguyen-Thoi, KK Ang. Analyses of stiffened plates resting on viscoelastic foundation subjected to a moving load by a cell-based smoothed triangular plate element, International Journal of Structural Stability and Dynamics, 17(1): 1750011, (2017) (SCIE)

[4]. MH Nguyen-Thoi, L Le-Anh, V Ho-Huu, H Dang-Trung, T Nguyen-Thoi, An extended cell-based smoothed discrete shear gap method (XCS-FEM-DSG3) for free vibration analysis of cracked Reissner-Mindlin shells, Frontiers of Structural and Civil Engineering, 9(4): 341-358 (2015) (SCIE)

[3]. L Le-Anh, T Nguyen-Thoi, V Ho-Huu, H Dang-Trung, T Bui-Xuan. Static and frequency optimization of folded laminated composite plates using an adjusted Differential Evolution algorithm and a smoothed triangular plate element, Composite Structures, 127: 382-394 (2015) (SCIE)

[2]. H Dang-Trung, MH Nguyen-Thoi, T Nguyen-Thoi, A cell-based smoothed discrete shear gap method (CS-FEM-DSG3) for dynamic response of laminated composite plate subjected to blast loading, Vietnam Journal of Mechanics, 37(2): 81-90 (2015)

[1]. P Phung-Van, T Nguyen-Thoi, H Dang-Trung, N Nguyen-Minh, A cell-based smoothed discrete shear gap method (CS-FEM-DSG3) using layerwise theory based on the C0-HSDT for analyses of composite plates, Composite Structures, 111: 553-565 (2014) (SCIE)