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Ban cơ điện tử tính toán (DCME)



The Division of Computational Mechatronics (DCME) was founded in Jan 2015, under the Institute of Computational Science (INCOS). Mechatronics is the synergetic integration of mechanical engineering with electronics, information technology, and cybernetics in the design, manufacture, and operation of industrial products and systems. Directed to the narrow scopes as mentioned in Section 3 below, DCME focuses on establishing the theory bases, optimal solutions, algorithms as well as computational methods for the relative mechanic issues.

Mission and vision

DCME pays attention to two main activities, science research, and training in Mechatronic Systems Engineering. It is fully alive to the essential role of science research in training students to have strong theoretical and practical expertise. So, these two sides are performed synchronously to make a positive interaction with each other. Coming to DCME, for researchers as well as Ph.D. and master's degree students, laboratories will be the main working environment, while university students, will be directed and encouraged to take part in the study activities together with experts.

Research Topics

  • Building adaptive neuro-fuzzy inference systems (ANFIS)
  • Smart materials and structures
  • Intelligent control systems
  • Identifying and predicting online damage to structures and machines
  • Robotics and haptic systems,
  • Modeling, design, optimization, and energy converters

Current Members

Current Members

Head of Division of Computational Mechatronics

Full-time researcher

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Full-time researcher of Division of Computational Mechatronics

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Full-time researcher of Division of Computational Mechatronics

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H-Index (Scopus): 1; Citation (Scopus): > 2




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