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Development Orientation

1. Mission: 

Contribute actively and effectively to the goal of Ton Duc Thang University to be ranked among the Top 60 Research Universities in Asia by 2037. Take an active role in developing the Computational Science of Vietnam, and contribute to promoting the stable and sustainable development of a knowledge-based economy in Vietnam. 

 2. Vision:

Become an internationally recognized Institute for Computational Science in Vietnam in 2025 with the following particular targets:

  • Train successfully 50 new PhDs from the Ph.D. program in Computational Science; Publish more than 1000 papers on international journals listed in ISI/Scopus database; Conduct more than 40 research/applied projects at all levels;
  • Equip modern systems for computing and simulation, including a High Performing Computing system, simulating laboratories, application laboratories, etc;
  • Conduct upstream research in advanced computational science and engineering; Bridge the gap between Academia and Industry;
  • Attract talented scientists, both domestic and international, in the field of Computational Science;
  • Establish an ideal working culture for researchers: competence, voluntary, responsibility, motivation, unity, support.

3. The core values: