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1. Working environment at Institute for Computational Science (INCOS)


The working environment at INCOS is convenient, spacious and comfortable. Each researcher will have a separate working space. The culture of INCOS is open, creative, willing to share and support each other, to build the core values that are Innovation, Nurture, Commitment, Opportunity, and Success.

2. Ton Duc Thang University (TDTU)


TDTU is the first public university in Vietnam with facilities and teaching conditions internationally ranked as 5 stars by QS Stars’ standards (United Kingdom). There is a campus in Ho Chi Minh City, Bao Loc City (Lam Dong), Nha Trang City (Khanh Hoa) and Ca Mau City (Ca Mau). In particular, the headquarters located in Phu My Hung, District 7, HO CHI MINH CITY is a facility with a modern technology system, ensuring the comprehensive development of the students. Ton Duc Thang University is also the first University in Vietnam included in TOP 200 universities of the world's most sustainably developed according to the UI Greenmetric World University Ranking and is certified "an environmentally friendly school campus" by UNESCO Vietnam Association.


The campus with 100% of the classrooms is equipped with air conditioning and support equipment system: sound, light, and projector. The system of simulation rooms used for practicing banking, finance, accounting, and hotel management follows the actual model of those business fields, helping students master their profession.


TDTU INSPiRE library was designed by TDTU faculties and students with Learning Commons as the model. The building has 7 floors and a basement for self-studying overnight. Each floor has its own decor color and name. The library is divided into specific areas including the area for group study, self-learning, cinema, lounge, studio, and specialized areas according to students’ major at the university.


THE "5 STAR" DORMITORY consists of two 11-storey blocks which were beautifully designed to accommodate around 2,200 students whilst still meshing with the overall architectural principles of the school. Here, students are offered necessities and amenities such as grocery stores, copy shops, stationers, laundry rooms, and canteens, etc. Nearby, there is a swimming pool, tennis court, basketball, volleyball, and Gymnasium... In the Dormitory standard room, each student will have private furniture such as a bed, wardrobe, desk, etc. Three-toilet compartments function as bath, toilet, and laundry facilitate students in their living and study on campus.


TDTU SPORTS COMPLEX with a modern system of mobile platform chairs and a capacity of 3,000 seats with a central air conditioning system is always available to accommodate national and international tournaments. This complex is of an international standard and has been recognized as one of the best sports training units nationwide. 


THE SWIMMING POOL was built on a stretch of land measuring 778.5 m2 and the area of the pool itself is 13.5 m x 25 m with 6 swimming lanes that can hold up to 100 students. There is a water filter system using Intelí Ozon Waterco Filtration operating under traditional principles combined with state of the art improvements. This ensures that there are no cracked pipes, creating a perfect water filter system different and more efficient than conventional pools. This is, in particular, the cleanest swimming pool in Ho Chi Minh City.