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Institute for Computational Science

Institute for Computational Sciences (INCOS) of Ton Duc Thang University, was established on 05/02/2014 to perform the tasks of scientific research including 1)  Publish ISI/Scopus papers; 2) Conduct basic and applied national/international research projects; 3) Apply for USPTO patent; 4) Train postgraduate programs in the field of Computational Science; 5) Train short-term courses; 6) Develop collaboration with domestic/international universities and research institutes. 

1. Organization

INCOS currently has 5 research divisions: Division of Computational Mathematics and Engineering (CME), Division of Construction Computation (DCC), Division of Computational Mechatronics (DCME), Division of Computational Physics (DCP), and Division of Thermal and Fluids Science (DTFS). Members of INCOS are domestic and international scientists with 20 full-time researchers and more than 100 part-time researchers.

2. Research Directions

INCOS has conducted the following key research directions: Computational Mechanics; High-Performance Computing; Analysis and Computational Mathematics; Computational Optimization; Data Science; Artificial Intelligence; Intelligent Control System; Intelligent Materials and Structure; Structural Health Monitoring; Antennas for Wireless Communication; Plasmonic Structure and Metamaterials; Terahertz Optoelectronics; Terahertz Photomixer/Photoconductive Antenna; Statistics and Probability.

3. Research Activities

INCOS has published more than 200 ISI papers; completed more than 15 research projects (in which there is more than 50% National Research Project-NAFOSTED); submitted 8 USPTO patent applications (under-reviewing).