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A finite element-based assessment of free vibration behaviour of circular and annular magneto-electro-elastic plates using higher order shear deformation theory


M Vinyas, AS Sandeep, T Nguyen-Thoi*, F Ebrahimi, DN Duc

Source title: 
Journal of Intelligent Material Systems and Structures, 30(16): 2478-2501, 2019 (ISI)
Academic year of acceptance: 

In this article, the free vibration behaviour of circular and annular magneto-electro-elastic plates has been investigated under the framework of higher order shear deformation theory. The three-dimensional finite element formulation has been derived with the aid of Hamilton’s principle by taking into account the coupling between elastic, electric and magnetic properties. The equations of motion are solved using condensation technique. Furthermore, the credibility of proposed finite element formulation has been validated using COMSOL software and also by comparing the results with previously published articles. Special attention has also been paid to assess the influence of parameters such as coupling effect, stacking sequences and inner-to-outer diameter ratio. The numerical results reveal that the coupled natural frequencies of the annular magneto-electro-elastic plates vary significantly with the circular hole dimensions incorporated. The circular and annular plates are considered as one of the prominent structural components in various engineering and industrial application. Therefore, the proposed finite element formulation and the results presented in this article can serve as benchmark solutions for the design and analysis of smart sensors and actuators.