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An Algebraic Approach to FQHE Variational Wave Functions


Shashikant Mulay, John J. Quinn, Mark Shattuck*

Source title: 
Mathematical Physics, Analysis, and Geometry, 22: 14, 2019 (ISI)
Academic year of acceptance: 

Consider a system of N electrons projected onto the lowest Landau level with filling factor of the form a and N a multiple of n. We show that there always exists a two-dimensional symmetric correlation function (arising as a nonzero symmetrization) for such systems and hence one can always write a variational wave function. This extends an earlier observation of Laughlin for an incompressible quantum liquid (IQL) state with filling factor equal to the reciprocal of an odd integer ⩾ 3. To do so, we construct a family of d-regular multi-graphs on N vertices for all N whose graph-monomials have nonzero linear symmetrization and obtain, as special cases, the aforementioned nonzero correlations for the IQL state. The linear symmetrization that is obtained is in fact an example of what is called a binary invariant of type (N,d). Thus, in addition to supplying new variational wave functions for systems of interacting Fermions, our construction is of potential interest from both the graph and invariant theoretic viewpoints.