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An entropy generation analysis for MHD water based Fe3O4 ferrofluid through a porous semi annulus cavity via CVFEM


Ahmad Shafee, Rizwan Ul Haq, M. Sheikholeslami, Jagar Aziz Ali Herki, Truong Khang Nguyen

Source title: 
International Communications in Heat and Mass Transfer, 108: 104295, 2019 (ISI)
Academic year of acceptance: 

In this model, heat transfer analysis of water functionalized Fe3O4 ferrofluid is performed along with the irreversibility process along a porous semi annulus. To determine the discrete behavior of the temperature distribution and ferrofluid flow inside the semi annulus, a non-Darcy approach is introduced for permeable media. To manage the movement of the powders, magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) is applied normal to the surface of semi annulus. A complex nature system of nonlinear partial differential equation (PDE's) was developed along with the constraint defined at the surface of the annulus. Mathematical expression and thermophysical properties of both liquid and nanoparticles, respectively are introduced. Structure of this model has been solved though CVFEM and obtained the outputs against the emerging parameters namely: Hartmann number Ha, Rayleigh number Ra, Darcy numbers Da. All the obtained results defining the behavior of streamlines, isotherms, entropy generation, Bejan number and exergy loss contours. Obtained results portrays that disordered in the entire mechanism is more rapid by increasing the values of Darcy number however and exergy drop reduces but it depends upon the values of Hartmann number.