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Comparison of dynamic behavior of shallow foundations based on pile and geosynthetic materials in fine-grained clayey soils


Mahdi Shariati, Sadaf Mahmoudi Azar, Mohammad-Ali Arjomand, Hesam Salmani Tehrani, Mojtaba Daei, Maryam Safa

Source title: 
Geomechanics and Engineering, 19(6): 473-484, 2019 (ISI)
Academic year of acceptance: 

In this paper, the geotechnical report of the Northern Fereshteh area in Tabriz is used and the characteristics of shallow foundation of a single pile and compared pile group and geogrid in terms of the settlement of a building foundation on clayey soil. Additionally, impacts of existing variables such as the number of geogrid layers, the length of the pile, and the depth of groundwater level affected by the dynamic load caused by the Taiwan Jiji earthquake via numerical analysis using PLAXIS software are examined. The results of fifty-four models indicated that the construction of a pile group with a diameter of 1 meter and a length of 14 meters significantly diminished the ‏consolidation settlement of the soil in the Northern Fereshteh area, where the settlement value has been triggered by the load inflicted by earthquake. Moreover, the construction of four layers of geogrid at intervals of one meter led to a significant decrease in the settlement. Finally, after reaching a maximum depth, it had no reducing effects on the foundation settlement.