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Effects of hydrogen bonds on dielectric relaxation of composites based on hydrogen-bonded ferroelectrics


Bich Dung Mai, Hoai Thuong Nguyen*, Minh Thuyen Chau

Source title: 
Phase Transitions, 2019 (ISI)
Academic year of acceptance: 

This present work is devoted to clarifying the influence of hydrogen bonds on dielectric relaxation properties of classical hydrogen-bonded ferroelectrics (triglycine sulfate, Rochelle salt) in the ferroelectric phase at low frequencies of 102–107 Hz under weak electric field (1 V/cm). For this purpose, two nanocomposites (silicon dioxide nanoparticles/triglycine sulfate and cellulose nanoparticles/Rochelle salt) have been synthesized. The results showed that under the influence of silicon dioxide and cellulose, the relaxation frequencies of triglycine sulfate and Rochelle salt were lower than those for its single crystals of ferroelectrics. Besides, the increase in dielectric inclusion content led to the shift of relaxation frequencies toward lower frequencies. The strong interaction between dielectric and ferroelectric components through hydrogen bonds was supposed to be the reason for the obtained anomalies.