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Numerical investigation of MHD nanomaterial convective migration and heat transfer within a sinusoidal porous cavity


Dat D Vo, Zahir Shah, M Sheikholeslami, Ahmad Shafee, Truong Khang Nguyen

Source title: 
Physica Scripta, 94(11): 115225, 2019 (ISI)
Academic year of acceptance: 

In this investigation, the simulation of nanoparticle convective motion in permeable space has been presented numerically in the presence of the Lorentz effect. The working fluid is a H2O-based nanofluid. The non-Darcy model was utilized to employ porous terms in momentum equations. A radiation effect has been reported for various shapes of nanoparticles. The impact of shape factor, radiation parameter, magnetic force, shape of the nanoparticles and Rayleigh number on nanofluid conduct was demonstrated. The CVFEM (control-volume finite-element method) approach was utilized. The radiative flow is considered and the impact of physical parameters on nanofluid performance was demonstrated. The results prove that higher values of shape factor lead to stronger convection. By adding Lorentz forces, conduction becomes more practical.