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Performance analysis of vehicle-to-vehicle communication with full-duplex amplify-and-forward relay over double-Rayleigh fading channels


Ba Cao Nguyen, Tran Manh Hoang, Le The Dung*

Source title: 
Vehicular Communications, 19: 100166, 2019 (ISI)
Academic year of acceptance: 

In this paper, we investigate a vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) communication system where a full-duplex (FD) relay uses amplify-and-forward (AF) protocol. We consider two cases of the AF protocol at the FD relay, i.e. fixed and variable gain relaying. Furthermore, the channels between the nodes are characterized as the double (cascaded) Rayleigh fading distributions. We derive the exact closed-form expressions of the outage probabilities (OPs) and symbol error rates (SERs) in these two cases. Numerical results show the impacts of the double Rayleigh fading channels on the system performance in comparison with those of Rayleigh fading channels. Moreover, the effects of the distance, path loss exponent, and residual self-interference (RSI) on the system performance are also studied. We find that for a given node transmission power, there exist optimal distances between vehicles for the fixed and variable gain relaying which provide the best system performance. All analysis results in this paper are validated by Monte-Carlo simulation results to confirm the correctness of the derived mathematical expressions.