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A New Analytical Approach for Nonlinear Global Buckling of Spiral Corrugated FG-CNTRC Cylindrical Shells Subjected to Radial Loads


Tho Hung Vu, Hoai Nam Vu, Thuy Dong Dang, Ngoc Ly Le, Thi Thanh Xuan Nguyen, Nguyen-Thoi Trung, Thi Phuong Nguyen*

Source title: 
Applied Sciences, 10(7): 2600, 2020 (ISI)
Academic year of acceptance: 

The present paper deals with a new analytical approach of nonlinear global buckling of spiral corrugated functionally graded carbon nanotube reinforced composite (FG-CNTRC) cylindrical shells subjected to radial loads. The equilibrium equation system is formulated by using the Donnell shell theory with the von Karman’s nonlinearity and an improved homogenization model for spiral corrugated structure. The obtained governing equations can be used to research the nonlinear postbuckling of mentioned above structures. By using the Galerkin method and a three term solution of deflection, an approximated analytical solution for the nonlinear stability problem of cylindrical shells is performed. The linear critical buckling loads and postbuckling strength of shells under radial loads are numerically investigated. Effectiveness of spiral corrugation in enhancing the global stability of spiral corrugated FG-CNTRC cylindrical shells is investigated.