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Deterministic and reliability‑based lightweight design of Timoshenko composite beams


T. Lam‑Phat, V. Ho‑Huu, S. Nguyen‑Ngoc, S. Nguyen‑Hoai, T. Nguyen‑Thoi*

Source title: 
Engineering with Computers, 2020 (ISI)
Academic year of acceptance: 

In this article, the lightweight design problems of Timoshenko composite beams with and without considering the uncertainties of input data (i.e., the geometry of beam, material properties and applied load) are studied. To deal with the deterministic optimization problems, an improved version of Jaya algorithm (called iJaya), which is able to effectively handle the optimization problems with both continuous and discrete design variables, is applied. Then, a novel combination of iJaya and the single-loop deterministic method (SLDM) (called SLDM–iJaya) is developed to solve the reliability-based lightweight design problems. A laminated composite beam of eight layers with various boundary conditions is studied. With regard to the deterministic optimization problems, numerical results reveal that iJaya outperforms some other methods, such as Jaya, differential evolution and improved differential evolution, and has good ability in handling the optimization problems with both discrete and continuous design variables. Regarding the reliability-based lightweight design problems, numerical experiments show that SLDM–iJaya can generate reliability-based optimal solutions when the uncertainties of input data of the beam are taken into account, and in comparison with other approaches, SLDM–iJaya is much better in terms of computational cost while keeping almost the same quality of optimal results.