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Effect of heat generation on mixed convection in porous cavity with sinusoidal heated moving lid and uniformly heated or cooled bottom walls


Adel Alblawi, N. Zainuddin, R. Roslan, Mohammad Rahimi-Gorji, N. A. Bakar, Hoang-Thinh Do*

Source title: 
Microsystem Technologies, 26: 1531-1542, 2020 (ISI)
Academic year of acceptance: 

Effect of heat generation and absorption on mixed convection flows in a sinusoidal heated lid-driven square cavity filled with a porous medium is investigated numerically. Both the vertical walls of the enclosure are insulated while the bottom wall is uniformly heated or cooled. The top wall is moving at a constant speed and is heated sinusoidally. The governing equations and boundary conditions are non-dimensionalized and solved numerically by using finite volume method approach along with SIMPLE algorithm together with non-uniform grid system. The effect of Darcy and heat generation parameters are investigated in terms of the flow, heat transfer, and Nusselt number. The results for stream function and isotherm are plotted and it is found that there have significant influence with the presence of heat generation and porous medium.