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Fractional-order sliding-mode controller for semi-active vehicle MRD suspensions


Sy Dzung Nguyen, Bao Danh Lam, Van Hoa Ngo

Source title: 
Nonlinear Dynamics, 101: 795-821, 2020 (ISI)
Academic year of acceptance: 

Due to the complexly natural attributes of technical systems, reality has been shown that many systems could be modeled more precisely if they are modeled by using fractional calculus and fractional-order differential equations. Inspired by this advantage, in this work a fractional-order derivative-based sliding mode controller (FD-SMC) for magneto-rheological damper based on semi-active vehicle suspensions (MRD-SAVSs) is proposed to make the states of the given system asymptotically stable in the finite time. To show this assertion, a new estimate result for fractional differential inequality is presented to derive an FD-SMC law for the systems of MRD-SAVS. Then, this corresponding fractional-order sliding mode controller is designed to provide robustness, high performance control, finite time convergence in the presence of uncertainties and external disturbances. Finally, numerical simulation results are presented to demonstrate the effectiveness of the proposed control method.