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Polarization insensitive graphene-based tunable frequency selective surface for far-infrared frequency spectrum


Shobhit K. Patel, Vishal Sorathiya, Sunil Lavadiya, Truong Khang Nguyen, Vigneswaran Dhasarathan*

Source title: 
Physica E: Low-dimensional Systems and Nanostructures, 120: 114049, 2020 (ISI)
Academic year of acceptance: 

We presented the numerical analysis of the polarization insensitive tunable T-shaped graphene-based frequency selective surface for the far infrared frequency spectrum. The proposed frequency selective surface is tunable for the different values of the chemical potential which can be controlled by the external biasing. The proposed structure tunable over the frequency range varying between 1 THz and 3 THz. The proposed structure is also numerically investigated for the complementary behaviour of the proposed design. The basic parameters such as transmittance, reflectance, reflected wave polarization are investigated for the proposed designs. The wide-angle incidence response is also investigated for the proposed structure. It is also achieved that the graphene frequency selective surface is polarization insensitive for the TE and TM excited mode. The dipole moment of the different resonance points are also investigated to check the reflection amplitude and the charge current variation during the polarization effect. The proposed results of frequency selective surface structure can be applied for designing the basic photonics components like polarizer, sensor, THz filter, metamaterial which will become an important component of THz applications.