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PhD candidate. Dinh Cong Du


Full-time researcher of Division of Construction Computation

H-Index (WoS): 7; Citation (WoS): > 77

H-Index (Scopus): 7; Citation (Scopus): > 82



  • Master of Civil and industrial construction engineering, Ho Chi Minh City Open University – HCMCOU, 12/2014.
  • Bachelor of Civil engineering, Ho Chi Minh City Open University – HCMCOU, 03/2011.


  • From 3/2017 to present: Full-time researcher of Institute for computational science, Ton Duc Thang University – TDTU, Vietnam.


  • Structural health monitoring
  • Optimization algorithms
  • Model order reduction techniques
  • Finite element method.


[1]. Development of numerical methods for computation, optimization and structural healthy monitoring in the multiple physical envirorments (Member, No. 107.02-2017.08), National Foundation for Science and Technology Development (NAFOSTED), from 06/2017 to 06/2019 (Completed).


  • Journals:

[11]. Dinh-Cong, D. Nguyen-Thoi, T. Vinyas, M. Nguyen, Duc T., Two-Stage Structural Damage Assessment by Combining Modal Kinetic Energy Change with Symbiotic Organisms Search, International Journal of Structural Stability and Dynamics, (2019) (SCIE)

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[8]. Dinh-Cong D, Vo-Duy T, Ho-Huu V, Nguyen-Thoi T, Damage assessment in plate-like structures using a two-stage method based on modal strain energy change and Jaya algorithm, Inverse Problems in Science and Engineering, 27: 166-189, (2019) (SCIE)

[7]. Le Chau N, Nguyen M-Q, Dao T-P, Huang S-C, Hsiao T-C, Dinh-Cong D, Van Anh D, An effective approach of adaptive neuro-fuzzy inference system-integrated teaching learning-based optimization for use in machining optimization of S45C CNC turning, Optimization and Engineering, 30: 811-832, (2019) (SCIE)

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[1]. Dinh-Cong D, Vo-Duy T, Nguyen-Minh N, Ho-Huu V, Nguyen-Thoi T, A two-stage assessment method using damage locating vector method and differential evolution algorithm for damage identification of cross-ply laminated composite beams, Advances in Structural Engineering, 20(12): 1807-1827, (2017) (SCIE)

  • Conferences:

[2]. T. Vo-Duy, V. Ho-Huu, H. Dang-Trung, D. Dinh-Cong, T. Nguyen-Thoi, Damage Detection in Laminated Composite Plates Using Modal Strain Energy and Improved Differential Evolution Algorithm, Procedia Engineering, VietNam, April, 2016.

[1]. Vo Duy Trung, Dinh Cong Du, Nguyen Minh Nhan, Nguyen Thoi Trung, Damage localization in laminated composite beam based on layerwise theory using damage locating vectors method, The 12th National Conference on Solid Mechanics, VietNam, August, 2016.