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A silicon-on-insulator surface plasmon interferometer for hydrogen detection


Khai Q. Le*, Quang Minh Ngo

Source title: 
Journal of Applied Physics, 120: 043106, 2016 (ISI)
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A compact and integrated optical gas sensor on a silicon-on-insulator platform based on surface plasmon interference for hydrogen detection is theoretically introduced in this paper. The basic sensor element consists of a thin layer of palladium (Pd) embedded in a silicon waveguide. Two decoupled surface plasmon polariton waves propagate simultaneously on either side of the Pd layer, which combine and interfere at the end of the Pd layer. The interference mode can be either constructive or destructive, which is highly sensitive to volumetric hydrogen concentration. The proposed sensor is of great potential as a basic building block for lab-on-chip-scale devices owing to its high integration and compactness.