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Numerical design of thin perovskite solar cell with fiber array-based anti-reflection front electrode for light-trapping enhancement


Truong Khang Nguyen, Phuc Toan Dang and Khai Q Le*

Source title: 
Journal of Optics, 18(12): 125901, 6 pages, 2016 (ISI)
Academic year of acceptance: 

Perovskite has recently drawn substantial interest in photovoltaic research owing to its unique potentials of low cost fabrication and high power conversion efficiency. In this paper, a thin solar cells made of perovskite photoactive layer is introduced. The proposed perovskite-based solar cell with atop antireflection front electrode (p-ARFE) made of fiber arrays is calibrated to generate lensing/anti-reflecting effects and thus resulting in improved absorption efficiency. Theoretical and numerical results have demonstrated that the overall integrated AM1.5 G absorption in an optimal configuration yields a maximum short circuit current density of 20.2 mA cm−2 and an enhancement up to 6.3% compared to its flat solar cell counterpart with a same perovskite thickness of 200 nm. The proposed p-ARFE solar cell also presents a relative broadband absorption characteristic with zero reflection at multiple visible frequencies, i.e., 360–750 nm, thus more benefiting associated with next-generation perovskite-based solar cell applications.