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Artificial magnetic conductor-based circularly polarized crossed-dipole antennas: 2: AMC structure without grounding pins


Son Xuat Ta, Ikmo Park

Source title: 
Radio Science, 2017 (ISI)
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This paper is the second part of our study that investigates surface wave resonances on artificial magnetic conductor (AMC)‐based circularly polarized (CP) crossed‐dipole antennas. In this part, the AMC structure without grounding pins is employed in the antenna system instead of the structure with grounding pins in the first part. Similar to the case with pins, the excitation of surface waves propagating on the finite‐sized AMC surface without pins generates extra resonances and CP radiations for the antenna system. These extra resonances and corresponding CP radiations can be used to enhance the impedance matching and axial ratio bandwidths of the antenna, respectively. In addition, surface wave resonances on AMC‐based antennas with/without grounding pins are discussed in section 5 of this paper.