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Proposition and Experiment of a Sliding Angle Self-Tuning Wave Energy Converter


Do, H.T., Dinh, Q.T., Nguyen, M.T., Phan, C.B., Dang, T.D., Lee, S., Park, H.G. and Ahn, K.K

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Ocean Engineering, 132: 1-10, 2017 (ISI)
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The hydraulic power-take-off mechanism (HPTO) is one of the most popular methods in wave energy converters (WECs). However, the conventional HPTO with a fixed direction motion has some drawbacks which limit its power capture capability. This paper proposes a sliding angle self-tuning wave energy converter (SASTWEC) to find the optimal sliding angle automatically, with the purpose of increasing the power capture capability and energy efficiency. Furthermore, a small scale WEC test rig was fabricated and a wave making source has been employed to verify the sliding angle performance and efficiency of the proposed system throughout experiments