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A Compact Wideband Circular Polarized Fabry-Perot Antenna Using Resonance Structure of Thin Dielectric Slabs


Nghia Nguyen-Trong, Huy Hung Tran, Truong Khang Nguyen* and Amin M. Abbosh

Source title: 
IEEE Access, 6: 56333–56339, 2018 (ISI)
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A wideband small-footprint circularly polarized Fabry-Perot resonator antenna is presented in this paper. The design employs a partial reflecting surface (PRS) consisting of thin homogeneous dielectric slabs separated by a small air gap. The PRS is analyzed using transmission line theory, which gives more insightful into the theoretical concept and provides a simple tool for design and optimization. An antenna prototype with overall size of 1.2λ fmin × 1.2λ fmin × 0.6λ fmin has been fabricated and experimentally validated (λ fmin being the free-space wavelength at the minimum operating frequency). The measured impedance matching and axial ratio bandwidths are approximately 55.7% and 47.7%, respectively. In addition, the antenna achieved 3-dB gain bandwidth of 50.9% with a peak gain of 15 dBi. Compared to previous designs targeting similar applications, the antenna proposed here possesses a simple geometry with light weight, ease of optimization and fabrication, as well as enhanced axial ratio bandwidth and 3-dB gain bandwidth.