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Acousto-optical tweezers for stretch of DNA molecule


Thanh Thai Doan, Khoa Doan Quoc*, Quy Ho Quang

Source title: 
Optical and Quantum Electronics, 50:51, 2018 (ISI)
Academic year of acceptance: 

The appearance of microlenses in the amorphous crystal Ge33As12Se33 modulated by the acoustic waves with intensity of 107 W/m2 and frequency of (200–400) MHz is presented. The flexibility of microlens, i.e. the dependence of its focal point in 3D space on the parameters of acoustic wave is studied. Basing on flexibility of microlens, a model of acousto-optical tweezers to stretch the λ-phage WLC DNA molecule is proposed. And then the control process of stretched length of DNA molecule in 3D space of the water (fluid) by calibration of the acoustic frequency is numerically observed and discussed. The obtained results show the possibility to use the acousto-optical tweezers to control the stretched length of WLC DNA molecule with high fineness.