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Buckling load optimization of laminated plates resting on Pasternak foundation using TLBO


Umut Topal, Trung Vo-Duy, Tayfun Dede  and Ebrahim Nazarimofrad

Source title: 
Structural Engineering and Mechanics, 67(6): 617-628, 2018 (ISI)
Academic year of acceptance: 

This paper deals with the maximization of the critical buckling load of simply supported antisymmetric angle-ply plates resting on Pasternak foundation subjected to compressive loads using teaching learning based optimization method (TLBO). The first order shear deformation theory is used to obtain governing equations of the laminated plate. In the present optimization problem, the objective function is to maximize the buckling load factor and the design variables are the fibre orientation angles in the layers. Computer programming is developed in the MATLAB environment to estimate optimum stacking sequences of laminated plates. A comparison also has been performed between the TLBO, genetic algorithm (GA) and differential evolution algorithm (DE). Some examples are solved to show the applicability and usefulness of the TLBO for maximizing the buckling load of the plate via finding optimum stacking sequences of the plate. Additionally, the influences of different number of layers, plate aspect ratios, foundation parameters and load ratios on the optimal solutions are investigated.