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Effect of clearance and friction in revolute imperfect joints on dynamic behaviors of a slider-crank mechanism with two sliders


Thanh-Phong Dao, Ngoc-Thai Huynh, Tuan-Hai Nguyen, Hoang-Nghien Vu, Le-Quang-Nhat Hoang, Ho Nguyen, Tuan-Hai Nguyen

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Journal of Advanced Engineering and Computation, 2(1): 1-8, 2018 (Scopus)
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Friction and clearance always present in any mechanical system. Hence, the effects of friction and clearance on a dynamic system are so critical. This paper aims to investigate their effects on the dynamic response of a slider-crank mechanism with two sliders and imperfect joints. Firstly, the mechanism is created in Solidworks and then it is simulated via finite element method in ANSYS. The dynamic simulation are conducted to evaluate the mentioned effects. The results revealed that the effect degree of clearance on the dynamic behaviors of the proposed mechanisms is significantly higher than that of friction. Also, the results indicated that the velocities, acceleration, and contact force graph are almost same at different friction coefficient. However, compared with ideal joint case, they had a maximum value and an unstable oscillation. This problem is due to journal collide into bearing induced the maximum values of contact force. The results of this study are a helpful guidance to practitioners, scientists, and engineers.