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Enhanced Circular Dichroism via Symmetry Breaking in a Chiral Plasmonic  Nanoparticle Oligomer



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Journal of Electronic Materials, 47(5): 2836-2840, 2018 (ISI)
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A chiral plasmonic nanoparticle oligomer, consisting of four symmetrically arranged nanodisks of different heights and having different optical absorption responses to left and right-handed circularly polarized light illumination, has been experimentally reported in the literature. The resulting circular dichroism (CD) signal was detectable with state of the art CD spectrometers but was much weaker than those of existing chiral nanostructures, i.e., three-dimensional (3-D) chiral metamaterials. In this letter, via symmetry breaking in such an oligomer, the author demonstrates that the CD can be enhanced up to six times compared to that of a symmetric oligomer, and is in the range of a relevant 3-D chiral metamolecule. Through investigation of geometrical parameters including particle size, asymmetric and symmetric gaps, the CD evolution was reported, which provides a useful guideline for design of two-dimensional chiral oligomers adopted as efficient probes for CD spectroscopic applications.