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Exergoeconomic optimization of liquefying cycle for noble gas argon


Reza Dadsetani & GH. A. Sheikhzadeh & Mohammad Reza Safaei* & Abdulwahab A. Alnaqi & Alireza Amiriyoon

Source title: 
Heat and Mass Transfer, 1-13, 2018 (ISI)
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Today, gas condensate has an important application in industries. One of the high consumption liquid gases is Argon which is used different methods for its liquefaction. However, the costs of this procedure is very high.In this paper, the best cycle from thermodynamic and economic point of view was achieved by thermoeconomic analysis. For this purpose, first, some applicable cycles were investigated and then, liquefying cycle was chosen. In order to optimize cycle, thermoeconomic equations including exergy balance, entropy and energy balance were applied for each component,. Performance coefficient values for dual pressure and pre-heated Linde Hampson cycles are achieved respectively by 2 and 1.8 times multipling by simple cycle. Also, the best performance coefficient of each compressor pressure ratio were evaluated in low ratios, comparing to other pressure ratios. On the other hand, it was illustrated that very low and very high pressure ratios are far from optimum circumstances and just for compressors, the best efficiency can be achieved in relatively low pressure ratios.