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HF etched glass substrates for improved thin-film solar cells


Hyeongsik Park, Doyoung Kim*,Junhee Jung, Duy Phong Pham, Anh Huy Tuan Le*, Jaehyun Cho, Shahzada Qamar Hussain, Junsin Y*

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Heliyon, 4(10) 17 papers, 2018 (Scopus)
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A hemisphere-array textured glass substrate was fabricated for the development of an improved thin-film (TF) silicon solar cell. The HF-H2SO4-etchant system influenced the light path owing to the formation of the strong fluorine-containing HSO3F acid. In particular, the etching system of the various HF concentration with a constant H2SO4 solution is related to make an improvement of optical transmittance and light trapping structure without a uniform pattern. According to the specular transmittance measurements, the haze ratio was maintained for the glass sample etched with 35% HF in the longer-wavelength region. The proposed substrate was implemented in a TF-Si solar cell, and an improved conversion efficiency was observed according to the short-circuit current density owing to the increase in the haze ratio. This morphology, therefore, induces more scattering at the front side of the cell and leads to an improvement of the open circuit voltage gain for the HF 25% cell. It will be helpful to understand the application of thin film solar cell based on the HF-H2SO4 etching system for the readers.