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Manufacturing of Chamotte Refractory Brick from Clay Sources in Vietnam


Minh Tri Trương, Thanh Minh Pham, Ngoc Hieu Phan, Thi Diem Nguyen, Thi Xuan Quy Nguyen, Minh Thuy Dang, Van Thuan Le and Hoai Thuong Nguyen

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Journal of Engineering Science and Technology Review, 11(4): 25-30, 2018 (Scopus)
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The article studies the use of refractory materials from natural clay and kaolin sources in the Southern Central – Central Highlands, Vietnam to manufacture chamotte refractory bricks meeting the need for localization of refractory products. Methods for study of material composition such as SEM, Energy Dispersive X-Ray, X-Ray Diffraction, DTA-TG, and methods for study of physico-mechanical properties of chamotte refractory bricks are used. As a result, the chamotte refractory brick manufacturing process from natural clay and kaolin sources has been developed. The physico-mechanical properties of chamotte fire bricks after firing have met the refractory requirement of 1580ºC. This product has also contributed to replace the imported materials for the sector of general refractory materials in Vietnam