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Second Law Analysis of Dissipative Flow over a Riga Plate with Non-Linear Rosseland Thermal Radiation and Variable Transport Properties


Muhammad Idrees Afridi, Muhammad Qasim and Abid Hussanan*

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Entropy, 20(8): 615, 2018 (ISI)
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In this article, we investigated entropy generation and heat transfer analysis in a viscous flow induced by a horizontally moving Riga plate in the presence of strong suction. The viscosity and thermal conductivity of the fluid are taken to be temperature dependent. The frictional heating function and non-linear radiation terms are also incorporated in the entropy generation and energy equation. The partial differential equations which model the flow are converted into dimensionless form by using proper transformations. Further, the dimensionless equations are reduced by imposing the conditions of strong suction. Numerical solutions are obtained using MATLAB boundary value solver bvp4c and used to evaluate the entropy generation number. The influences of physical flow parameters arise in the mathematical modeling are demonstrated through various graphs. The analysis reveals that velocity decays whereas entropy generation increases with rising values of variable viscosity parameter. Furthermore, entropy generation decays with increasing variable thermal conductivity parameter.