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A comprehensive review on analysis of nanocomposites: from manufacturing to properties characterization


M Vinyas, S J Athul, D Harursampath, Mar Loja, T Nguyen Thoi*

Source title: 
Materials Research Express, 6(9), 2019 (ISI)
Academic year of acceptance: 

The study of nanocomposites in its diverse scientific fields has increased dramatically over the years with numerous theoretical and experimental techniques emerging and redefining the process of synthesis, analysis and cost control methodologies of nanocomposites. The present review is an attempt to identify the various methodologies, techniques, theories and formulations that are used in nanocomposite technology. As an overall qualitative appreciation it is possible to conclude that the diversity of processes involved in the manufacture and analysis of nanocomposites, impacts them differently, influencing their physical nature, chemical behaviour, biological interactions, optical properties and production costs which consequently may introduce some constraints to their application. Hence, a critical review on the best methodology would remain inconclusive. This work intends to collect and relate publications on different fields of the nanocomposites technology and application fields, aiming at contributing to achieve a wide perspective of different aspects of the nanocomposites processes and theories and with this, being an aid to ease and raise the production and analysis of nanocomposites to a higher level.