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A New Beam Model for Simulation of the Mechanical Behaviour of Variable Thickness Functionally Graded Material Beams Based on Modified First Order Shear Deformation Theory


Vu Hoai Nam, Pham Van Vinh, Nguyen Van Chinh, Do Van Thom, Tran Thi Hong

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Materials, 12(3): 404, 2019 (ISI)
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There are many beam models to simulate the variable thickness functionally graded material (FGM) beam, each model has advantages and disadvantages in computer aided engineering of the mechanical behavior of this beam. In this work, a new model of beam is presented to study the mechanical static bending, free vibration, and buckling behavior of the variable thickness functionally graded material beams. The formulations are based on modified first order shear deformation theory and interpolating polynomials. This new beam model is free of shear-locking for both thick and thin beams, is easy to apply in computation, and has efficiency in simulating the variable thickness beams. The effects of some parameters, such as the power-law material index, degree of non-uniformity index, and the length-to-height ratio, on the mechanical behavior of the variable thickness FGM beam are considered.