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A novel approach for fuzzy clustering based on neutrosophic association matrix


Hoang Viet Long, Mumtaz Alic, Le Hoang Son, Mohsin Khan, Doan Ngoc Tu

Source title: 
Computers and Industrial Engineering, 127: 687-697, 2019 (ISI)
Academic year of acceptance: 

This paper proposes a fuzzy clustering algorithm through neutrosophic association matrix. In the first step, data are fuzzified into neutrosophic sets to create neutrosophic association matrix. By deriving a finite sequence of neutrosophic association matrices, the neutrosophic equivalence matrix is generated. Finally, the lambda-cutting is performed over the neutrosophic equivalence matrix to derive the final lambda-cutting matrix which is used to determine the clusters. Experimental results on several benchmark datasets using different clustering criteria show the advantage of the proposed clustering over the existing algorithms.