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Application of waste tire rubber aggregate in porous concrete


Mahdi Shariati, Arian Heyrati, Yousef Zandi, Hossein Laka, Ali Toghroli, Peiman Kianmehr, Maryam Safa, Musab N A Salih and Shek Poi-Ngian

Source title: 
Smart Structures and Systems, 24(4): 553-566, 2019 (ISI)
Academic year of acceptance: 

This study aimed to categorize pervious rubberized concrete into fresh and hardened concrete analyzing its durability, permeability and strength. During the globalization of modern life, growing population and industry rate have signified a sustainable approach to all aspects of modern life. In recent years, pervious concrete (porous concrete) has significantly substituted for pavements due to its mechanical and environmental properties. On the other hand, scrap rubber tire has been also contributed with several disposal challenges. Considering the huge amount of annually tire wastes tossing out, the conditions become worse. Pervious concrete (PC) gap has graded surface assisted with storm water management, recharging groundwater sources and alleviate water run-offs. The results have shown that the use of waste tires as aggregate built into pervious concrete has tremendously reduced the scrap tire wastes enhancing environmental compliance.