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Boundary Layer Flow through Darcy-Brinkman Porous Medium in the Presence of Slip Effects and Porous Dissipation


Muhammad Salman Kausar, Abid Hussanan*, Mustafa Mamat and Babar Ahmad

Source title: 
Symmetry, 11(5): 659, 2019 (ISI)
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This paper aims to examine the Darcy–Brinkman flow over a stretching sheet in the presence of frictional heating and porous dissipation. The governing equations are modeled and simplified under boundary layer approximations, which are then transformed into system of self-similar equations using appropriate transformations. The resulting system of nonlinear equations was solved numerically under velocity and thermal slip conditions, by fourth-order Runge–Kutta method and built-in routine bvp4c in Matlab. Under special conditions, the obtained results were compared with the results available in the literature. An excellent agreement was observed. The variation of parameters was studied for different flow quantities of interest and results are presented in the form of tables and graphs.