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CVFEM modeling for nanofluid behavior involving non-equilibrium model and Lorentz effect in appearance of radiation


Trung Nguyen-Thoi, M. Sheikholeslami, Muhammad Hamid, Rizwan-ul Haq, Ahmad Shafee

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Physica A: Statistical Mechanics and its Applications, 534: 122154, 2019 (ISI)
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In this model, a comprehensive study related to non-equilibrium model of nanomaterial is under consideration in attendance of magnetic force. Free convection effects will appear within the permeable medium by introducing the two different temperature dependent models. Radiation source is also added in energy equations. To obtain the results for system of constructed mathematical model in the form PDE, we have used CVFEM. To understand the outcomes, impacts of each parameter for stream function and isotherms are obtained. Various constrain are defined at the surface of the cavity to determine the heat transfer behavior. Impacts of buoyancy, parameter, magnetic forces, radiative factor, interface heat transfer parameter and nanoparticles’ shape on nanomaterial treatment are demonstrated. Outcomes illustrate by increasing the solid–nanofluid interface heat transfer parameter, conduction becomes more dominant while Nusselt number gradually decreases.