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Effects of Mixed Convection on Methanol and Kerosene Oil Based Micropolar Nanofluid Containing Oxide Nanoparticles


Hamzeh T. Alkasasbeh, Mohammed Z. Swalmeh, Abid Hussanan*, Mustafa Mamat

Source title: 
CFD Letters, 11(1): 70-83, 2019 (Scopus)
Academic year of acceptance: 

The purpose of this communication is to examine the micro-rotation and micro-inertia characteristics of nanofluids over a solid sphere under mixed convection effect. Two types of oxide nanoparticles namely graphene and iron oxide suspended in two different types of base fluids such as methanol and kerosene oil. The governing boundary layer equations are transformed into nonlinear partial differential equations system and solved numerically using an implicit finite difference scheme known as Keller box method. The results for temperature, velocity and angular velocity are discussed and plotted for different values of the parameters, namely, nanoparticle volume fraction, the micro-rotation parameter and the mixed convection parameter by considering the thermo-physical properties of both nanoparticles and base fluids. Moreover, numerical results for the local Nusselt number and the local skin friction coefficient are obtained. It is found that Fe3O4/GO kerosene oil has higher in local Nusselt number compared with Fe3O4/GO methanol. The results of the local Nusselt number and the local skin friction for the Newtonian fluid are found to be in good accurate with the literature.