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Evaluation of axial strength in circular STCC columns using UHPC and UHPFRC


An Le Hoang, Ekkehard Fehling, Duc-Kien Thai, Chau Van Nguyen

Source title: 
Journal of Constructional Steel Research, 153: 533-549, 2019 (ISI)
Academic year of acceptance: 

This study investigates the axial strength of circular steel tube confined concrete (STCC) columns with the employment of plain ultra high performance concrete (UHPC) and ultra high performance fiber reinforced concrete (UHPFRC) having compressive strengths of cylinders varying from 178.9 MPa and 198 MPa. UHPFRC used in this study had 1% and 2% volume fraction of steel fibers in the mixture. Eighteen specimens including both short and intermediate columns were cast and tested under concentric loading on the concrete core to generate the maximal confinement effect. Experimental results showed that the effect of steel fibers on the axial load versus axial strain responses, and on the enhancement of strength and ductility was insignificant, while the parameters of the steel tube and the concrete core length were found to play a major role. The ultimate loads of the tests presented herein were compared with those obtained from the predictions by seven analytical models and five existing design codes. The design expressions from these analytical models and codes were assessed. For the prediction of the ultimate loads of both short and intermediate column, the model by De Oliveira et al. [13] was the most suitable approach among seven selected models, whereas the ACI provision [1] was the best among five existing design codes. Furthermore, the experimental ultimate loads obtained from this study were combined with those from previous studies to examine the influence of different concrete strength ranges on the strength enhancement. Finally, unified formulae to predict the ultimate strength with a wide range of concrete strength up to 200 MPa were also proposed for both short and intermediate columns.