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Multi-Criteria Design of Mechanical System by using Visual Interactive Analysis Tool


Dang Hoang Minh, Phung Van Binh, Bui Van Phuong, Duc VN*

Source title: 
Journal of Engineering Science and Technology, 14(3): 1187-1199, 2019 (Scopus)
Academic year of acceptance: 

Nowadays, to design any mechanical system the engineer needs to analyse and evaluate among many criteria such as production cost, geometry, manufacturing technology, etc., which forms the terminology of multi-criteria design. In this paper, the design based on the product lifecycle management concept was proposed. A Visual Interactive Analysis Tool (VIAT) was used to deal with a model based multi-objective optimization including many parameters-variables, constraints and objective functions or criteria in the design process. In virtue of VIAT, both of engineer and related experts in the concerned system are able to perform analysis and evaluation, if there are inconsistencies, they can discuss openly before making a decision on the design option for the object. VIAT is a practical and user-friendly tool for the multi-criteria design of the mechanical system.