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Multi-Objective Optimization of a Pitch Point Absorber Wave Energy Converter


Rezvan Alamian, Rouzbeh Shafaghat, Mohammad Reza Safaei*

Source title: 
Water, 11(5): 969, 2019 (ISI)
Academic year of acceptance: 

In this paper, a pitch point absorber wave energy converter (WEC) is selected in order to be optimized for the wave characteristics of the Caspian Sea. The optimization process is a multi-objective optimization. For achieving the optimal WEC, mean absorbed power should be maximized while the construction cost should be minimized. The submerged surface area of the WEC is selected as a cost parameter. The amount of mean absorbed power depends on the installation site and also the shape of the WEC. For optimizing the shape of the WEC, various shapes are considered which are categorized into three different sections. A multi-objective genetic algorithm is used for optimization of the model, and the NEMOH software is used to simulate the wave-body interaction. The results show that the bottom flat and upside chamfered geometry with X:Y ratio of 10:1 is the best geometry for the desired application. Comparing the results from the final optimized shape with the optimized basic parallelepipedic hull shape reveals that much more extractable power can be achieved with less cost.