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Numerical investigation of γ-AlOOH nano-fluid convection performance in a wavy channel considering various shapes of nanoadditives


Dat D. Vo, Jalal Alsarraf, Alireza Moradikazerouni, Masoud Afrand, Hamze Salehipour, Cong Qi

Source title: 
Powder Technology, 345: 649-657, 2019 (ISI)
Academic year of acceptance: 

In this work, a two-phase mixture approach is utilized to examine the influence of nanoadditive shape on the fluid flow and heat transfer aspects of γ-AlOOH nano-fluid flowing through a sinusoidal wavy channel. The γ-AlOOH (boehmite alumina) nanoadditives of various shapes (i.e. cylindrical, brick, blade, and platelet) are dispersed in 50/50 water-ethylene glycol mixture as the base fluid. The influence of the Reynolds number and nanoadditive volume fraction on the Nusselt number, pressure drop, and performance evaluation criterion (PEC) are numerically studied for different nanoadditive shapes. It is revealed that, among the considered nanoadditive shapes, the platelet shape represents the highest heat transfer performance, while the worst performance belongs to the brick shape nanoadditives. In addition, the findings reveal that for all states, enhancing the Reynolds number intensifies the Nusselt number, pressure drop, and PEC of the γ-AlOOH nano-fluid. Moreover, it is found that boosting the nanoadditive fraction leads to an enhancement in the Nusselt number and PEC of the examined nano-fluids. Furthermore, the pressure drop of all the considered nano-fluids enhances with augmenting the Reynolds number.