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Numerical Study of Thin-Film Perovskite Solar Cells with Embedded Ag Nanocubes for Plasmonically Enhanced Absorption


Nguyen T.H. Tran, Khai Q. Le*

Source title: 
Journal of Electronic Materials, 48(6): 3866-3870, 2019 (ISI)
Academic year of acceptance: 

Integration of silver (Ag) nanocubes into the light-harvesting active layer of a thin-film perovskite solar cell for enhanced light trapping has been studied numerically. Using the optimal cell architecture, the maximum photocurrent density achieved was 21.5 mA/cm2 at normal incidence and 23 mA/cm2 at 60° light incidence under AM1.5G illumination with transverse magnetic polarization, representing an enhancement of 21% and 19% compared with the corresponding flat solar cell. The absorption enhancement is mainly observed over the wavelength range of 500 nm to 750 nm, corresponding to the spectral scattering resonances of the integrated Ag nanocubes due to near-field enhancement around their corners. The absorption enhancement achieved by integrating nanocubes was compared with the optimal result obtained using nanospheres. The results showed that the nanocubes provided greater absorption than the nanospheres, representing an alternative solution for enhancing the light trapping in next-generation thin-film perovskite solar cells.