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Peristaltic motion of MHD nanofluid in an asymmetric micro-channel with Joule heating, wall flexibility and different zeta potential


S. Noreen, S. Waheed and A. Hussanan*

Source title: 
Boundary Value Problems, 2019:12, 2019 (ISI)
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A mathematical scrutiny is introduced for the flow of magneto-hydrodynamic nanofluid through an asymmetric microfluidic channel under an applied axial electric field. The impacts of wall flexibility, Joule heating and upper/lower wall zeta potentials are considered. Electric potential expressions can be modeled in terms of an ionic Nernst–Planck equation, Poisson–Boltzmann equation and Debye length approximation. Appropriate boundary conditions have been utilized to get the results of highly nonlinear coupled PDEs numerically. The impact of physical factors on the characteristics of flow, pumping, trapping and heat transfer has been pointed out. The outcomes may well assist in designing the organ-on-a-chip like gadgets.