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Steady laminar natural convection of nanofluid under the impact of magnetic field on two-dimensional cavity with radiation


S. Saleem, Trung Nguyen-Thoi, Ahmad Shafee, Zhixiong Li, Ebenezer Bonyah, A.U. Khan, Iqra Shehzadi

Source title: 
AIP Advances, 9(6), 2019 (ISI)
Academic year of acceptance: 

In current investigation, steady free convection of nanofluid has been presented in occurrence of magnetic field. Non-Darcy model was utilized to employ porous terms in momentum equations. Working fluid is H2O based nanofluid. Radiation effect has been reported for various shapes of nanoparticles. Impacts of shape factor, radiation parameter, magnetic force, buoyancy and shape impact on nanofluid treatment were demonstrated. Result demonstrated that maximum convective flow is observed for platelet shape. Darcy number produces more random patterns of isotherms.