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Study of Heat and Mass Transfer in Electroosmotic Flow of Third Order Fluid through Peristaltic Microchannels


Sadia Waheed, Saima Noreen, Abid Hussanan*

Source title: 
Applied Sciences, 9(10): 2164, 2019 (ISI)
Academic year of acceptance: 

An analysis is carried out to evaluate the effects of heat and mass transfer in an electro-osmotic flow of third order fluid via peristaltic pumping. Solutions are derived for small wave number and Peclet number. The emerging non-linear mathematical model is solved analytically and compared numerically by the built-in scheme of working software. The table is inserted for shear stress distribution and a graph for comparison of solution techniques and accuracy of obtained results. The effects of various parameters of interest on pumping, trapping, temperature, heat transfer coefficient, and concentration distribution have been studied graphically. Electro-osmotic exchange of energy and mass has a role in reservoir engineering, chemical industry, and in micro-fabrication technologies.