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UML diagrams for dynamical monitoring of rail vehicles


Miloš Milovančević, Jelena Stefanović Marinović, Jovana Nikolić, Ana Kitić, Mahdi Shariati, Nguyen Thoi Trung*, Karzan Wakil, Majid Khorami

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Physica A: Statistical Mechanics and its Applications, 531: 121169, 2019 (ISI)
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Rail vehicles diagnostics is very important task since it is necessary to secure regular work of railcar and to obtain list of maintenances measures. Therefore in this study an attempt was made to analyze and model an information system for e-diagnostics for rail vehicles. The e-diagnostics system was designed based on object-oriented approach. The system should be enabled to identify and to analyze vibrations on shaft assembly. The outcomes from the system could give also conclusion about other assemblies of rail cars. The main purpose of the system us to determine the dynamic behavior and running behavior of the rail cars. Frequent analyses are main roll in early failure determining. Frequent analyses was used to dissolve vibrations on separated frequents components.