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Updated Constraints on the Variations of the FineStructure Constant from an Analysis of White-Dwarf Spectra


T. D. Le

Source title: 
Symmetry, 11(7): 936, 2019 (ISI)
Academic year of acceptance: 

I fused observed spectra from the white-dwarf star G191-B2B to constrain the spatial and temporal variation of the fine-structure constant, 32_LeDucThong.png. The analysis was combined with laboratory-measured and astronomically observed lines in [Ni V] to find 33_LeDucThong.png. The obtained result allows a symmetry of the related comparison with previous studies looking for cosmological variations of 0.apha_.png using spectra from Quasi Stellar Objects (QSOs). In this way, we can expect higher sensitivity from white-dwarf spectra than QSO spectra. Therefore, this study should have orders-of-magnitude higher sensitivity per system than previous quasar studies, and we should reduce statistical and systematic errors. The results of this study place a more stringent limit on 34_LeDucThong.png than previous studies using the same data.